Electric Department

Lake Park Electric PlantThe Lake Park Municipal Utilities (LPMU) provides electricity for the residents of the City of Lake Park. LPMU is a member of Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), a joint-action agency with 55 other member communities in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Members of MRES are municipalities who own and operate electric distribution systems. All members of MRES, including LPMU, purchase hydroelectricity produced at federally owned facilities located along the Missouri River.

Electric rates in most MRES communities rank among the lowest in the region and in the nation.

LPMU Electric Rates

Effective 7/17/2024

Service Charge $13.00
All kWh - May-October* $0.1099
All kWh- November - April* $0.1034
Service Charge $20.00
All kWh- May - October* $0.1099
All kWh - November - April* $0.1034
Service Charge - Single Phase $17.00
Service Charge - Three Phase $25.00
Energy Charge - May-October* $0.1109
Energy Charge - November-April* $0.1049
Large Commercial*  
Service Charge $36.00
Energy charge  
All kWh $0.0619
Demand charge $11.60
*Note:This rate is subject to Power Factor Adjustment
Street lighting  
Service Charge $15.00
All kWh $0.1045
Security Light  
150 watt hps $7.00